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LEDs and Photodiodes

Opto Diode - Optoelectronics Data Book


  1. A New Detector for IR LED Light
  2. Light Emitting Diode Primer
  3. Seeing True Colors of LEDs

Application Notes
Practical Considerations for Near-IR LEDs

Common Definitions for LEDs and Photodiodes

X-Ray, Radiation, EUV & UV Detectors

Operating Principles & Applications

  1. AXUV Series – Absolute Measurement Capability of Photons, Electrons, or X-Rays
  2. SXUV Series – Superior Platinum Silicide Front Entrance Windows for UV Stability
  3. UVG Series - UV Radiation Hardened Extremely Stable to Exposure to Intense Flux of UV Photons
Handling Precautions, Proper Use for AXUV, SXUV and UVG Detectors

White Papers
  1. Temperature and Polarization Performance of EUV Silicon Photodiodes
  2. Characterization of Silicon Photodiode Detectors with Multilayer Filter Coatings for 17 – 150 Angstrom
  3. Stable Silicon Photodiodes for Absolute Intensity Measurements in the VUV and Soft X-ray Regions
  4. Absolute Silicon Photodiodes for 160 nm to 254 nm photons
  5. Silicon Photodiodes with Integrated Thin Film Filters for Selective Bandpasses in the Extreme Ultraviolet
  6. Fundamental limits to detection of low-energy ions using silicon solid-state detectors
  7. Response of 100% Internal Quantum Efficiency Silicon Photodiodes to 200 eV to 40 keV Electrons
  8. Response of 100% Internal Carrier Collection Efficiency Silicon Photodiodes to Low-Energy Ions
  9. Temperature Dependence of the EUV Responsivity of Silicon Photodiode Detectors

Photoconductive Infrared Detectors & Emitters

Knowledge Base

Technical Notes

Compliance & Certification Documents