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For systems operating in two or more wavelength regions

Opto Diode produces multi-color detectors which can provide advantageous detector design alternatives. Multi-color detectors can generally be classified into two types: coaxial and coplanar (See multi-color section for more information).

Coaxial multi-color detectors are ideal for systems operating in both the visible and IR, and typically consist of a silicon photodiode mounted in close proximity above a cooled or uncooled PbS or PbSe detector. The silicon diodes are coated to provide maximum IR energy throughput. Custom Si/PbS and Si/PbSe detectors are built on request.

Coplanar multi-color detectors typically consist of two or more PbS or PbSe detectors mounted side by side on a TE cooler cold plate (or package header). Spectral filters are then mounted into carefully designed filter holders, which are in close proximity above each detector. Filter holders are designed and built to minimize optical cross talk (noise) between channels.