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Photodiodes: Sockets and Electronics

Opto Diode offers ceramic and Teflon™ photodiode sockets in 2-pin and multiple-pin packages with a variety of spacings, including 12.5mm, 2.54mm, and 7.4mm.

RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Model Number Part Number Description Data Sheet Call Sales/ Digi-Key
AXUV100CS 507-065 Photodiode Socket, 2 Pin, 12.5mm Spacing PDF See Digi-Key
AXUV16ELCS 507-102 Photodiode Socket, 40 Pin, 2.54mm Spacing PDF See Digi-Key
AXUV20ACS 507-060 Photodiode Socket, 2 Pin. 7.4mm Spacing PDF See Digi-Key
AXUV20ELCS 507-071 Photodiode Socket, 22 Pin. 2.54mm Spacing PDF Please Call

AXUV sockets are designed specifically with low outgassing materials for vacuum compatibility. We recommend with use with windowless products allowing easy replacement of potentially unintended mechanical or misuse damage.