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Custom Capabilities

Design & Packaging

Opto Diode offers a wide variety of custom photodiodes (including multi-color and segmented), detectors, position sensors, hybrid amplifiers, and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) from UV to mid IR wavelengths. We design and manufacture wafers, components, optoelectronic assemblies, and photonic modules to meet critical customer requirements and interface specifications. We offer testing and semiconductor device characterization as part of our customized services. For LEDs, we can customize wavelengths, packaging, lenses, collimations, brightness, and radiation patterns. We can provide a complete U.S.- manufactured solution for medical, military, aerospace, and space-qualified applications.


Military Specifications

Based on each custom job requirement, we can screen and qualify semiconductor devices from JANTX through JANS classes.  We have a dedicated assembly area for high-reliability devices and we can test to the recommendations that follow the general requirements of MIL-PRF-19500.  Alternatively, the customer may specify the MIL-Standard testing program, or supply us with a detailed specification.


Program Management

We provide comprehensive program management services to customers that require project planning, on-going conferencing, prototype to production road maps, etc.

Parts Assembly

From simple, hand-assembled, low-volume custom devices, to medium-volume, semi-automated assembly, to high-volume automated assembly, Opto Diode can meet your custom requests.


Device Characterization and Testing

Photodiode testing includes burn-in capacity, lifetime exposure testing, responsivity from 150 nm to 1100 nm, shunt resistance, dark current, reverse breakdown voltage, capacitance, and response time.


LED testing includes burn-in, power output, radiant intensity, forward voltage, reverse breakdown voltage, peak emission wavelength, spectral bandwidth, rise time, and fall time.


Quality Control

Opto Diode is ISO 9001:2015 registered and also meets the requirements of AS9100 if required by contract.

Custom Capabilities
Custom Capabilities

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

To ensure the highest levels of production and quality assurance, Opto Diode utilizes specialized processes, procedures, and equipment.

Hi-Rel Assembly

This area in our facility is dedicated to higher level assemblies and custom sensor units for silicon (Si) photodiodes, optics, and infrared light-emitting diodes (IR-LEDs).  Typically, these high-level devices are manufactured for space and military applications, medical devices, and other high-level applications.

Each program is evaluated to determine the optimum production methods and tooling to obtain the proper tolerances in terms of mechanical and optical performance.  Standard tools include UV snap cure stations, UV belt furnace, semi-automatic die attach, gold thermosonic wire bonding and ultrasonic wire bonding.

Video Inspection System

Video Inspection equipment is utilized to measure mechanical attributes to 0.001" (25 µm).


Freezer Controls

To ensure reliability of adhesives, all cold storage units are alarmed in the event of power failure or malfunction of the storage unit. The alarm will set off a series of texts and emails to alert appropriate personnel to check on the equipment. This is important because the storage temperature of epoxy is critical to the outcome and performance of the devices manufactured.  The alarmed freezer adds another control measure that our company takes to assure that the highest quality products are delivered.

Traceability of Manufacturing

Each manufacturing lot is traceable back to the lowest common denominator of products utilized, including bond wires, adhesives, silicones and epoxies.

Traceability and Documentation

Opto Diode provides comprehensive traceability and documentation for each job throughout the manufacturing process. For more information on Opto Diode’s quality assurance standards and manufacturing controls, please Contact Us.