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News Release

Opto Diode Corporation
An ITW Company
1260 Calle Suerte
Camarillo, CA 93012
Contact: Stan Duda, National Sales Manager
Phone: 1+ 805.499.0335 x227
Fax: 1+ 805.499.8108

Media Contact: Marlene Moore
Smith Miller Moore
Phone: 1+ 818.708.1704

For Immediate Release

Opto Diode’s IR Detectors and IR Emitters Available on DigiKey

CAMARILLO, Calif. – Sept 21, 2023 - Opto Diode Corporation, an ITW company, and a solutions provider of custom and standard detectors, sensors, high-power LEDs and advanced optoelectronic subsystems and modules, announces convenient online access to seven key infrared (IR) products via the DigiKey website. Products include three lead selenide (PbSe) detectors (cooled and uncooled) and four pulsable and/or steady-state infrared emitters. The company’s strategic partnership with DigiKey allows for the purchase of in-stock Opto Diode products for immediate shipment.

The expanded product line on DigiKey’s website features detectors and light sources designed for operation in the near-infrared (NIR) and mid-infrared (MIR) spectrum. Devices noted here are from the BXP and BXT2 series of high performance PbSe detectors and a complementary selection of pulsable and steady-state IR emitters from Opto Diode’s SVF and SA series. These products have wide-ranging applications including gas analysis, emissions monitoring, spectroscopy, process control systems, thermal imaging, and many more.

For quick access to DigiKey products, please click on the following links:

1) BXP-25M, Uncooled IR Detector

2) BXT2-17TF, Two-State Cooled Packaged IR Detector

3) BXT2-28T, Two-Stage Cooled Packaged IR Detector

4) SVF-250-5M2, Standard Pulsable Emitter

5) SVF-350-8M3, Standard Pulsable Emitter

6) SA-727-5M2, Steady State Emitter

7) SA1037-5M3, Steady State Emitter

To learn about the company’s full line of high performance, reliable photonic solutions that include highly durable photodiodes, sensors, optoelectronic modules, visible, infrared, and high-power LEDs, and photonics assemblies for critical applications, please visit:


Opto Diode Corporation (Camarillo, CA -, an ITW Company, provides industry-leading optoelectronic emission and detection solutions across a wide range of wavelengths, from high energy X-rays to extreme ultraviolet radiation (EUV), visible wavelengths, and mid-infrared (MIR).

From prototyping to customer-specific geometries and specifications, to high-volume production, we manufacture photonic components and complete modules from the ground up. Opto Diode’s domestic U.S. facility is optimized for design and manufacturing with on-site wafer fabrication, class 1,000 and 10,000 clean rooms, extensive assembly capabilities and packaging expertise. Customers choose Opto Diode over our competitors because of our flexible product customization capabilities, rapid prototype turnarounds, product quality and reliability, and dependability. Our detector products provide unparalleled high-energy particle detection, electron, X-ray, and 13.5nm extreme UV detection along with superior response and stability in the mid-Infrared spectrum for the detection of heat, flames, and environmental gas monitoring. For more information, visit