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Photodiodes: EUV Enhanced Detectors (SXUV)

The SXUV family of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) enhanced detectors features superior 13.5nm photolithography capability with stable responsivity in extreme UV exposure from 1nm to 190nm, making them ideal for the most critical measurements of EUV light.

RoHS Certificate of Compliance
Model Number Part Number Description Active Area (mm2) Data Sheet Call Sales/ Digi-Key
SXUV100 ODD-SXU-001 Large EUV Photodetector (1nm-190nm) 100 PDF See Digi-Key
SXUV20C ODD-SXU-051 EUV Low Noise Photodetector (1nm-190nm) 19,7 PDF Please Call
SXUV20HS1 ODD-SXU-004 High Speed EUV Photodetector (1nm-190nm) 19.7 PDF See Digi-Key
SXUV300C ODD-SXU-044 Large EUV High Speed Ceramic Package Photodetector (1nm-190nm) 331 PDF See Digi-Key
SXUV5 ODD-SXU-008 High Speed EUV Photodetector (1nm-90nm) 5 PDF See Digi-Key

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